How much do you love dogs?

Many people claim to be a dog lover. But many aren't. They don't have what a true dog lover has-a big heart for them, time to take care of them, not care about looks, and other stuff I'm forgetting right now. Ahem. So now, see if you're a true dog lover, a dog lover poser, or see if you like dogs at all! you you really love dogs? Think about your answers for each question. Like. Really think about it... Lots of the answers can affect your score a lot, so be careful!

Created by: jacquevizard
  1. What is your favorite animal? :D
  2. Let's say that you got a cute little puppy one day. How did you get it?
  3. If you don't have any dogs and wish to have some, how many do you want? (At one time)
  4. How many hours each day would you devote to your dog(s)?
  5. What's your past with dogs?
  6. How many years would you be able to take care of a dog?
  7. What size of dog would you think would be best for you?
  8. Quick! You MUST take this puppy right this very second...or it'll explode! :O
  9. Do you have a dog?
  10. Does your dream occupation include dogs?
  11. Last question! Would you give your life for a dog?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love dogs?