How Great is Your Love for Dogs?

Have you ever wondered how much you really love dogs? Well, take this quiz to find out. There are true-or-false questions about dogs, and there are questions about how you would act around dogs.

If you want to have a pet dog, you should take this quiz. It has questions about how you would like having a dog in the house. I think a dog would be a very fun addition to any home, and a one-way ticket to having a loyal best friend.

Created by: Helen
  1. True or false: Dogs have whiskers.
  2. True or false: ALL puppies, even sometimes dogs, chew on everything on the floor or within their reach.
  3. You see a starving homeless dog on the street. You
  4. Which dog would be your favorite breed?
  5. Your dog suddenly becomes very sick. You
  6. True or false: There are always more than one puppies in a litter.
  7. True or false: Dogs and cats are always enemies.
  8. True or false: Dogs never become immediately loyal to those who adopted them, but always take a few days.
  9. You want to adopt a dog. Where do you go?
  10. Your best friend's dog just had to be put down. You

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Quiz topic: How Great is my Love for Dogs?