How well do you know dogs

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This quiz is just to test your knowledge on dogs not to be judgemental just for fun but if you got a bad score get some more info sometimes animal knowledge is quite useful

And dont be ashamed if youre not a dog genius its not a problem some questions were a bit hard because I know quite a bit about dogs so please dont be embarrassed its normal not to be perfect enjoy!

Created by: Mirapuppy
  1. Which dog is the smartest
  2. Which dog is the fastest
  3. Which dog is the biggest
  4. Which dog is the smallest
  5. Which dog is not a terrier
  6. Which breed doesnt exist
  7. Which dog is named after a French word
  8. Which dog hunts
  9. Which dog has lots of different sizes (over two)
  10. Which dog has the nickname teachers pet

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Quiz topic: How well do I know dogs