What dog is for you

Well, my quiz is about what type of Dog is right for you to have. People are all different, and different people have different expectations and have lots of different qualities. Some people, for example, like Hilary Duff like small types of dogs. And people like Adam Sandler (what a dork), like BIG dogs! So, the question is, what kind of dog person are you?

So answer only a few questions and find out what kind of dog you could get, and who knows, maybe this quiz will help you pick out a dog in the near future. Just for a 'lil advice, dogs LOVE to chew on things. So watch out for that favorite pair of shoes. Get them toys and such! They love to play! If they're pups or full grown dogs, they always need attention, love, and well, a good wresttle every now and then!

Created by: Phyllis Grant
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color is your hair?
  2. Are you very athletic?
  3. Would you want a big or little dog?
  4. eye color
  5. Whats you favorite color
  6. do you own alot of things that most dogs would chew up?
  7. do you mind dog slober on you stuff?
  8. have you ever taken care of a pet?
  9. can you pay for a pet?
  10. do you know how to take care of it if it is sick?

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