Hilary Duff Quiz

A quiz all about American Actress and Singer, Hilary Duff. Take the quiz and find out how much you know about Hilary, her life, her music and her movies !!!

Are YOU a genius? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: amazon of Girls Think Pink
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  1. Which Year was Hilary born ?
  2. Where in America was Hilary born ?
  3. What is her sister called ?
  4. Which Disney Channel TV Programme does Hilary star in ?
  5. What is Hilary's new perfume called ?
  6. Which Film was Hilary in with Steve Martin
  7. In Which Film does Hilary's character fall in love with Chad Michael Murray
  8. How Old is Hilary today (24th Feb 2007)?
  9. Which song did Hilary sing with her sister ?
  10. Which of the following is NOT a Hilary Duff Movie ?

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