How do you know Hilary Duff?

Many people pretend to be an Hilary Duff fan, but only a few of them know her really well! I think that most of the Hilary's fans should know much more about her personnal life!

Do you think you know Hilary Duff pretty well? If you do think so, try this short 10 questions quiz to find out if you know her enough! It will only take a few minutes!

Created by: Julie
  1. When was Hilary Duff born?
  2. Where was Hilary Duff born?
  3. What's the name of her sister?
  4. Which medication does Hilary takes?
  5. What's Hilary's middle name?
  6. What was her first CD?
  7. When was her first album released?
  8. How many studio albums has Hilary released?
  9. How many live album has she released?
  10. How many compilation albums has she released?

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Quiz topic: How do I know Hilary Duff?