Do You Think You've Got What It Takes: To Own A Dog?

Do you know or even understand dogs, canines, and pooches? Find out with this fun, exciting test about the animal we all love and adore! It's very treat - astict!

Are YOU good with doggies? Do YOU know what to do when it comes to doggone tricks? Maybe. Maybe not. Find out now, with this very paw - tastic quiz!!!!

Created by: savethewolves22
  1. In your opinion, are dogs SMART?
  2. Dogs eat and chew grass why? (Is it safe to allow them to do this?)
  3. Dogs are related to the:
  4. All dogs should begin training at what age?
  5. You can give your dog "People Food."
  6. Every dog sheds. True or False? (This does NOT include the hairless dogs.)
  7. Dogs can detect an on-coming storm. True or False?
  8. All dogs bark. True or False?
  9. About how many breeds of dogs are there?
  10. Is there such thing as a color "Blue" in dogs? (Bonus Question!)
  11. What are three tricks your dog should know for his or her safety?
  12. Dogs wag their tail when they are:
  13. Dogs pant when they are:

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Quiz topic: Do I Think You've Got What It Takes: To Own A Dog?