Can you be a Model?

So many people think they have what it takes to be a Model, but it's not as easy as many people would like to believe. Appearance is everything and if you don't have the look many clients want, you don't have what it takes to be a Model.

Don't take this quiz as a deterrent to your modeling aspirations, just take it with a grain of salt that maybe just maybe you have what it takes or maybe you don't and think of doing something else.

Created by: amazon
  1. Are you at least 5'8-5'10 for a Girl? Are you at least 6'1-6'3 for a Guy?
  2. Do you have a really fit body for a Girl with no body fat at all? Do you have a toned body + 6-pack abs for a Guy?
  3. Can you make your face look in various expressions on the spot in front of a camera?
  4. Do you dress in clothing that is expensive, name brand such as Versace or Gap?
  5. Do you exercise regularly and eat right and stay/live a healthy lifestyle?
  6. Can you walk in a straight line on a runway without fidgeting or wobbling in dress shoes(guy)/high heels(girl)?
  7. Would you have a problem posing in Nude photography or at least in covered Nude Photography?
  8. Would you have a problem with how your Hair is styled? Such as going long, short, curly, shaved etc..?
  9. Do you have a completely waxed/shaved/clean-cut appearance?
  10. Would you be okay working with clients or other workers and models who are Gay?

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Quiz topic: Can I be a Model?