How familiar are you with Germany?

Germany has gone from the leader in science and industry to the most gruesome of dictatorships and on to a model European citizen all in the course of the past 100 years.

Everyone knows the cliches. But how much do you know about real modern German sports, culture and politics? These 14 multiple choice questions will let you know.

Created by: Moon Surfer
  1. What is the capital of Germany?
  2. Who is the current chancellor, or political leader, of Germany?
  3. Which of the following is NOT a German beer?
  4. What German city is the home of the European Central Bank?
  5. What sport do Thorsten Frings, Lukas Podolski, Tim Borowski and Philipp Lahm play?
  6. What does a typical German breakfast consist of?
  7. What German author has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?
  8. What universal principle is the German constitution based on?
  9. Which of these actresses spent her childhood in Germany?
  10. Which of the men below is one of the brightest young German acting talents?
  11. If a German friend invites you around for KAFFEE UND KUCHEN, what should you expect?
  12. How do you say GOODBYE in German?

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Quiz topic: How familiar am I with Germany?