How much do you know about Germany?

Do you think you know something about Germany?? Then do my Quiz and you will find out how you really are, a genius or someone else...So are scared????????

If you are sure,that you are allready a Genius, then do the Quiz and we will see...who you really are!!! But in the end, if you are not a genius, please do not cry...:)

Created by: George
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  1. The Capital City of Germany is...
  2. There are...
  3. Official Language in Germany is..
  4. The largest City of Germany is...
  5. The largest City of Germany is...
  6. Currency of Germany is..
  7. Internet TLD of Germany is...
  8. In which year was the Football World Championchip in Germany?
  9. Germany joined NATO in..
  10. Have you ever been in Germany?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Germany?