The Sad Plight of Junius

Who wants to take a quiz about a man named Johannes Junius? Well, anyone who is interested in seventeenth century Germany and the persecution of witches.

In order to pass this test, you'll need to have read pages 348-353 in the Kors and Peters textbook. There are even more sources available on J. Junius...check your library for more info.

Created by: Kathy Patterson

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  1. What position did Junius hold in the town of Bamberg?
  2. Why is the trial of J. Junius of particular interest to historians?
  3. How did Junius' alleged descent into witchcraft begin?
  4. What new name did the spirits give Junius?
  5. What form is the familiar that transports Junius from bed to the sabbaths?
  6. The initial means of torture used on Junius was:
  7. Did Junius name any others involved in witchcraft?
  8. How many persons confessed against Junius?
  9. Did Junius have any children that we know of?
  10. What did Vixen want Junius to do with regard to his children?
  11. How was Junius put to death?
  12. What adage might apply to this story?

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