Type of Nationalist Quiz

This is a test to see what kind of nationalist you are. Answer what you think best. And you will be given an answer accurate to your inputs. The test is relatively short.

You will be asked hypothetical questions involving fictional groups, answer how you would in that situation. You will also be asked multiple choice questions, click the best that applies or skip it. There are agree and disagree questions, click which you agree with.

Created by: Sigveard
  1. The country I live in is superior to any other.
  2. You are a Mythos, you live in a country with mostly Mythos but a small Falden minority. The Falden are the same in every way, except ethnically, to the Mythos. There is also a another nation of Mythos directly bordering you, but they are very different. They have a different language, religion, and culture.What is your opinion on these groups?
  3. You live in an ancient direct democracy. Your county is voting on weather or not to invade a very inferior nation. Your nation could easily win and get slaves and land but then itd have to rule over very racially different people. You are the deciding vote, how do you vote and why?
  4. The quote "All other ethnic groups are a stain on my people's land that need to be cleansed" is...
  5. What unites people, into a country?
  6. Should refugees of similar culture to your nation be accepted into your nation, they are not ethnically or racially the same. They are from far away, but no other nation will take them, their homeland was invaded. They are extremely likely to live amongst and marry there own group?
  7. If a group of people is 3% or less of the national population but make up half of the 1% of billionaires, this is?
  8. If a nation must have democracy, who should vote?
  9. In your opinion which of the following nations is the most similar to your view of what a nation should be?
  10. In regards to romantic affairs and others my most extreme opinion is?
  11. I would die for my?
  12. To separate a nation from it's people's race is to betray them both.
  13. There are savage and advanced people, and it is best that the superior people rule the backwards.
  14. My favorite leader on this list is?
  15. "My nation, my blood, my war" is a quote that you...
  16. Your ideal nation would be?
  17. What is your opinion on race vs ethnicity?

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