How obnoxious a chessplayer are you?

This quiz is all about manners and etiquette in chess. Are you a gentleman at the board? Do others like to play against you? Are you a role model for other players?

Or, perhaps, you are unbearably obnoxious at the board, leaving your opponents shaken after every game? This is your chance to find out, it is only 12 questions.

Created by: Crazychessplaya
  1. Do you ever greet your opponents by shaking hands or typing "hi" or equivalent in an online game?
  2. Your opponent has a losing position, but has not resigned. What do you do?
  3. You have a clearly losing position, your opponent has plenty of time, no chance for them to run into time trouble. What do you do?
  4. When you kibitz a game, you
  5. Right after you've made your move, you notice that it is a blunder leading go a mate. You
  6. Your opponent is coughing and sneezing every now and then. You
  7. How do you feel about drawing a game?
  8. Your opponent is playing verrrry slowly. You
  9. In an online game, your opponent is making offensive, rude remarks. You
  10. Your opponent is much weaker than yourself, you notice after a couple of moves. You

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Quiz topic: How obnoxious a chessplayer am I?