What role do you play in the bedroom?

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What role do you play in the bedroom? Yes, this quiz has an inappropriate meaning so if you feel uncomfortable, than feel free to ignore this or skip questions.

This quiz will give you random questions based on your opinions and preferences, then calculate what role you play in 'the bedroom' a.k.a. doing the dirty.

Created by: wolf_heart
  1. How do you generally go through life?
  2. Think of your favorite celebrity crush. If you could do one thing to them, what would it be?
  3. Pick an object.
  4. What would you do first at an amusement park?
  5. Do you have a religion?
  6. What's your ideal way to spend a weekend?
  7. If you've ever dumped your significant other, or ever had to, why?
  8. How would you prefer "it" to be done?
  9. What type of dog would you most want?
  10. Pick the quality you have the most of.
  11. What job would you want most out of these?
  12. Are you a virgin?

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Quiz topic: What role do I play in the bedroom?