Witch of my warrior cat ocs are you? Brambleivy addition!

Hello! So if you didn't take my first quiz yet please go take it! So this is the sequel to that quiz where you role play as one of the ocs you got! This version is the hesitant (and grumpy) yet kind brambleivy. Role play part of her life in this quiz!

Just so all of you know I will make part 2 of this so that you can roleplay the rest of her life maybe even a part 3 also yes I know that the results are like a time skip but I don't have enough time to add more questions to get up to that point so its like a teaser trailer of part 2 😅

Created by: Nietigal
  1. You look at your two leg walking away, like they never cared about you. You tried to follow them but they kicked you and left you at the edge of the forest. All they gave you was a open can of tuna and a blanket. What do you do?
  2. No matter what you picked, you ended up wandering around a bit. You stayed near the blanket and food though, and began to brush the leaves away into a pile with your tail. Whatchu gonna do next?
  3. Soon later you curl up into your little blanket. You open your eyes to find yourself in a forest, the trees somewhat see-thru and everything seemed to give a slight sparkle. You see a starry cat in front of you. They were smiling friendly but their eyes were stern. What is your reaction?
  4. The starry cat seemed to be about the age of your mother cat(age about 37 moons aka a young warrior). "who are you?" You mewled hesitantly "I am a warrior of star clan, young kitten." Their voice was calm and sweet. "What's star clan?" You tilted your head to the side a bit, clearly confused. "Its a place where all cats go after they serve their purpose." You still seemed confused but before you could ask anything else the cat started to pad away. "Come." You followed them into a little clearing, and some other starry cats were laying around, talking to eatch other. What are your next thoughts?
  5. The cat spoke again to you and said this: " to find your destiny, you will have to climb the cliff to see your way home" you wanted to ask what the cat ment but the forest and cats faded away. "Wait! Come back!" You opened your eyes to see you were back in the little nest. What do you do next?
  6. No matter what you choose, you end up getting thirsty. You walk around the forest, looking for some sort of water. You soon see a big lake with a waterfall flowing down to it. But, there is a obstacle in your way. A big black path, with those big things that your twoleg went in sometimes speeding acrost the path. What do you do next?
  7. Whatever you choose, you realize that the closest water is the pond. So, you pad back over to the path and wait for a opening in between the noisy things. You zoom across but end up being a little to slow and your back leg gets ran over. You feel a surge of pain rushing through your whole body as blood swelled from your crushed leg. You yowl in pain as you try to crawl over to the water. You tried to get up but collapsed soon after. Your vision seemed to blur and slowly went black. You whimpered as pain still shot through your leg and soon after passed out.
  8. You opened your eyes slightly to see that it was now nighttime and someone- or something- wrapped your leg in cobwebs and moss. You tried to get up but fell back down and whimpered as your leg was still hurting badly. You manage to crawl your way over to the water and laped some up, your leg stretched out awkwardly behind you. You hear a rustling in some bushes nearby and turn your head over to it, the fur along your spine rising in fear and because you were startled. A grey-brown cat about your age emerged from the bush "sorry if I startled you." The cat said, looking at you. " are you lost?" "Kinda." You responded. "you do know this is cliff man territory right..?" Your eyes flashed at the word 'cliff'. Was this cat part of your dream? "I'm ashpaw by the way. Who are you?" "I'm b ramble" you said calmly yet there was a hint or pain in your voice. "Do you mind me asking what happened to your leg.?" Ashpaw mewed curiously. What is your reaction?
  9. You looked at ashpaw curriosly. He smells weird. You thought. "What's that cliff man you were talking about?" "Its just a um group of cats that I erm live with" he doesn't look like he expected you to ask that. "Don't you know about the clans that live here in the mountains and forest?" "No I don't know about them." Ashpaw looked at you, somewhat surprised.
  10. You and ashpaw sit there for a while and he ends up catching a fish and a crow. "Your a good hunter!" You Tell ashpaw, and he seemed a little flustered. "I'm nowhere close to the best hunter in the clan though." He catches a few more fish and offered you one. You took it and went back to the little camp you had going on for yourself and curled up in you nest. Your injured leg was still hurting badly but you managed to get somewhat comfy. What are your thoughts about ashpaw?

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Quiz topic: Witch of my warrior cat ocs am I? Brambleivy addition!