Warrior cats role play #2: The quest ( for she-cats only)

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Hi guys! It's me again! I hope you enjoyed my last quiz, and hopefully you will enjoy this one! I really love making these and hope you love taking these!!🐱

WARNING: please take Warrior cats role play #1: The warrior, or you will not understand this quiz AT ALL! So yeah, and please do not hate me for making a million cliffhangers!

Created by: Warrior cats fan
  1. You hear leaves crunch behind you. You are dreaming. The pretty gray she-cat steps out of a clump of bracken, her blue eyes shining.
  2. She tips her head, a purr rumbling in her throat. "You have done your part, now I'll do mine."
  3. "You did the right thing by telling Petalstar. It is she who is to blame."
  4. "She shouldn't have-"
  5. "No, I see it now: Hollyflight, Flowerwing - *gasp* - Beechtail!"
  6. "It's okay. She did the right thing." You feel a paw on your flank and instantly snap out of sleep.
  7. You open your eyes and see Beechtail standing over you. "Come on, it's time to meet Flowerwing and Hollyflight!
  8. When you meet the chosen cats at the edge of clan territory, you suddenly remember how shocked Featherdrift was when she said Beechtail's name.
  9. Not sure what to do, you start to head in the direction of the rising sun
  10. You walk and walk until you get to a huge thunderpath and you stop, waiting for a gap.
  11. After waiting awhile, Beechtail steps into the thunderpath and checks both sides, then starts counting down. "5,4,3,2,1...go!
  12. When you get to the middle, a monster suddenly appears and you see it bearing down on Flowerwing, who is frozen in it's path.
  13. Before you can react, Beechtail hurdles towards Flowerwing, knowing her out of the way just in time.
  14. You see another monster monster coming and hurry across the thunderpath.
  15. You turn back to the thunderpath and your heart almost stops. There, lying broken and battered was Beechtail.
  16. After burying Beechtail, you curl up stiffly and go to sleep.
  17. Sorry, it's a cliff hanger!

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