Do you know warrior cats?

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Ok so I'm done making a warrior cats quiz! I hope you enjoy this! It has 19 questions and is a little difficult! Good luck! You might need it.(Warriors)

Do you have what it takes? Are you smart enough? Good luck if you dare to take this warrior cats quiz! It reveiws information from the warriors books!

Created by: Spotsky

  1. What is the names of Yellowfangs dead kits?
  2. Who took care of Mosskit in Starclan when she died?
  3. What clan is Spottedleaf related to besides Thunderclan?
  4. Why is Mapleshade evil?
  5. How did briarlight die?
  6. What book does graystripe return in?
  7. What is the prologue in Bluestars Prophecy about?
  8. What herb cures shock?
  9. What does Coltsfoot do?
  10. True or false:Skystar likes to avoid battle.
  11. Why did Tawnypelt refuse to be deputy?
  12. Who named starclan?
  13. Who named the clans?
  14. Who discovered the cure for green cough?
  15. Who is Pinestars mother?
  16. Why did yellowfang name runningnose
  17. What was the name of the sickness that Onestar wouldn't share the cure with shadowclan?
  18. Who is Firestars mother?
  19. Who was the first to suspect Tigerclaw of setting the trap that injured cinderpelt?
  20. That's all! I hoped you liked this! (Btw if you want this corect press ok)

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Quiz topic: Do I know warrior cats?