BEST Do You Know Your Warrior Cats? Quiz

How well do YOU know your Warrior Cats? In my opinion this is the best (or one of the best...) Warriors quizzes you can find on this site. I worked hard on it so please comment and rate :)

Do you love Warriors? They are absolutely AWESOME!!!!! Have you read the books enough? Take this quiz to find out! Please note: This is not an IQ quiz or a genius quiz. For informational/entertainment purposes only. Have fun, enjoy!!! :D

Created by: Firestar3208

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  1. Who is the leader of Thunderclan starting from "The Darkest Hour"?
  2. Who does Firestar make deputy first in "The Darkest Hour"?
  3. In which book is Tigerclaw sentenced to exile?
  4. Who are the Three in the prophecy "There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws."?
  5. Who or what is Midnight?
  6. What is Firestar when he first joins Thunderclan?
  7. Who is Firestar's mate, and who are his children?
  8. In the previous question, who is the fifth answer talking about?
  9. What are the Three's special powers?
  10. What is Yellowfang's secret?
  11. What is the succession of deputies in Thunderclan in the first arc? Select the correct order. Deputies to be ordered are Redtail, Fireheart, Lionheart, Graystripe, Tigerclaw, and Whitestorm.
  12. What is the best summary of the battle in "The Last Hope"?
  13. Which Thunderclan elder was killed by Blackfoot in "Fire and Ice"?
  14. How did Halftail lose his tail?
  15. After the rat attack in "Fire and Ice", how many lives did Bluestar have left?
  16. Did you like this quiz? (This question does not affect the result.)
  17. Please rate and comment and let me know what you guys think! :) (No effect on the result either)
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  19. Bye!!!
  20. BONUS question: Who are the true parents of Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf?
  21. BONUS extremely hard question: How is Blossomfall related to Poppydawn?
  22. BONUS quite difficult question: Who is Hawkfrost's great-grandfather?
  23. What series is this quiz talking about?
  24. Hardest question: What series is this quiz talking about? (Don't fall for the trap!)
  25. Another bonus: (Sorry for all the bonuses (or is it bonii? lol) but GoToQuiz doesn't allow you to add questions in the middle.) Was this quiz good? (Sorry had to ask again :P)
  26. Did you know? A nationwide poll showed that about 20% of all Americans believe that Obama is a cactus. Also, strawberries, bananas, and watermelons are all real berries. Also, Elvis Presley had blonde hair but he dyed it black.
  27. Who is the "Forgotten Warrior"?
  28. What is the order of the books in the Dawn of the Clans arc that have been announced so far?
  29. Which of the following is not a real Warriors novella that is coming out or has already come out?

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