Warrior Cat Quiz--Very Hard!

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There are many warrior fans, they all think they know warriors well; but what about the harder parts? The hidden history of the clans, the buried treasure of the cats?

Do YOU know the warriors well? From Bluestar to Tawnypelt, Mistystar to Brackenfur, or Firestar to Silverstream, to, Onestar, on towards Squirrelflight?

Created by: Star Horseshoe
  1. Who was Firestar's father?
  2. Who were Bluestar's kits?
  3. Who was Midnight?
  4. In the battle with the dark forest, who defeated Tigerstar's spirit?
  5. How did Crookedstar get his name? Which was his original name?
  6. Which lost Clan did Firestar and Sandstorm rescue?
  7. Who were Leafpool's kits?
  8. Which is the prophecy that include Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing?
  9. Which medicine cat faked a prophecy?
  10. Who were Squirrelflight's kits?
  11. Who were Tigerstar's kits?
  12. Who was Firestar's Secret Love?
  13. Who was a spy for ThunderClan in the Dark Forest?
  14. Firestar's kittypet sister.
  15. Which was the prophecy for the battle with the dark forest?

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