How much do you know about warrior cats?

There are many true warrior cat fans, but have you ever wondered how much you know about the cats and the clans/ Well, with this quiz, you can test your knowledge with questions that range from easy to hard!

Do you think you have what it takes to get the TOP SCORE?! Well, test how much you know, and in a few minutes, you will see if you are a TRUE warrior cat fan and how much you know about the books!

Created by: CupcakesRuler

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  1. Which clan is known to be the skinniest?
  2. In what way is Firestar related to Scourge?
  3. What was Bluestar's warrior name?
  4. How did Spottedleaf die?
  5. A cat's name is Spikeblossom. Someone can infer that she is a/an...
  6. What caused Scourge to become evil?
  7. Who is the author or warriors?
  8. This cat has strong, padded paws, and long legs for jumping high. This cat is part of..
  9. How many clans are there?(including starclan and lost clan(s))
  10. If a cat is not worthy of going to starclan, he/she goes to...
  11. Finish this part of the warrior code: "A warrior can not become deputy unless _____________".
  12. Someone can infer that leaders are....

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about warrior cats?