Which Warriors Clan do you belong in?

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In the world of Warrior Cats, four clans roam in harmony and sometimes meeting in conflict and battle. Those clans are WindClan, the swift and gentle, ThunderClan, the noble and courageous, ShadowClan, the stealthy and proud and finally RiverClan, the intelligent and witty. Their ancestors belong to StarClan. And there once thrived two other clans, BloodClan, of the evil and powerful, and SkyClan, the just and skilled. Then finally, a unique tribe in the mountains is called the tribe of rushing water. All of these groups have their own traits that set them apart.

Now, take this quiz, and be unleashed into the world of the four clans, and be introduced and welcomed into your well-fit clan. Where do you belong? Take this and discover it for yourself!

Created by: SnowFox

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What prey would you rather eat?
  2. What makes a good warrior?
  3. What time is best for patrol?
  4. One of your clan mates start a fight with you! You:
  5. Which season is your favorite?
  6. Would you do anything to be leader?
  7. Do you value the warrior code?
  8. You'd raise a clan to be:
  9. What weather do you enjoy most?
  10. Fur color?
  11. Finally, which do you believe is the best clan?

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Quiz topic: Which Warriors Clan do I belong in?