What Clan are you in the Warrior cats series?

Are you a Warriors fan? Are you maybe even obsessed? This quiz uses questions that will show where you truly belong and all but one of them is not of the nature of "Which symbol? River, wind, thunder, shadow?"

The Tribe of Rushing water, rogues and loners, SkyClan, kittypets, and Bloodclan are also categories here. In a few minute, you will discover which Clan you would enjoy yourself in if you were really a cat.

Created by: Shannon

  1. Would you say you are good at following the rules?
  2. Do you mind having a bad reputation?
  3. Do you believe in StarClan?
  4. It's a hot day in school and you'd rather be here then in the classroom...
  5. Which meal would you prefer, if you were a cat.
  6. Which destiny would you prefer?
  7. You're a human for this one. Which scenario would you be more likely to find yourself in?
  8. You are given the opportunity to name your first child. How do you name it?
  9. How do you describe leadership?
  10. I can't think of another question...

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Quiz topic: What Clan am I in the Warrior cats series?