Warrior Cats Rp quiz #1

From the series, Warriors, by Erin Hunter, there has been many books, websites, and fan stuff all for these cat books. But what if you could actually have your own cat in another Clan?

Of course, it is not from a REAL Clan. It is in four completely NEW Clans! And new Clans means new story's and legends. It also means new evil cats, good cats, and, most important of all, new prophecys. Does your cat and your siblings have what it takes to face difficult situations and save all of the Clans from peril? Can you and your siblings survive the Rain?

Created by: Wcrocks
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  1. Just put your gender one more time just to be sure you don't get the opposite gender! Thank you very much!
  2. RECAP: This is the first Rp quiz in the series, so I'll just give you a bit of information! Currently, you are one moon old and your siblings are all asleep. It is the middle of Leaf-fall and is quite chilly. Oh, and when you see a question and then this thingy,"~~~"is in each of the answers for the question, you don't click it. Understood?
  3. Alright! Here it goes!....You wake up at dawn. Your siblings are all asleep and so is your mother. You see in the back of the den the mossball that you love to play with.
  4. Your Mother wakes up and yawns,"What are you doing awake this early?"
  5. She purrs and licks you,"You silly little kitty! Your fur is sticking out all over the place!" She picks you up and carries you over to the nest to start grooming you.
  6. Grassheart, the Clan deputy, walks in with a mouse in her jaws. "I thought you would be hungry..." She purrs, her voice muffled by the fur. "Thank you sooo much." Your mother sighs,"You know me so well."
  7. Your mother grabs the mouse and devours it quickly, leaving a few parts for the kits, "After you eat, why don't you play outside?"
  8. As you walk outside, you take a look around at all of the cats around you
  9. A pure black tom walks up to you,"Hello! What are you doing?"
  10. "My name is Eclipsestar." He meows. "I am the leader."
  11. End of chapter #1! This one is going to probably be the shortest out of all of them because it is the first one. This particular one is an important one because it tells you what your name will be and about you! So, how did you like the quiz? Be honest, I won't judge you! This is my first time and I want to improve!

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