Find Out Your Warrior Cat Name, Pelt Color, And Clan 2

Many warrior cat names have been created and these are some of mine. Warriors is an excellent series by Erin Hunter about cats that live in the wild.

Which of my cats are YOU? Are you a warrior or a medicine cat? Find out with my quick, easy, online quiz! P.S Silentwhisper is silver with amber eyes. I forgot to add her eye and pelt color in answers.

Created by: Scarpath
  1. So are you a warrior or a medicine cat?
  2. So you are on patrol when a enemy patrol jumps out at you. You?
  3. If you are a medicine cat, what do you do if you fall in love? If you are a warrior, select 'Skip'
  4. Your pelt color is?
  5. An apprentice has just called you lousy. What do you do?
  6. You have received your first apprentice and he ignores your orders. What do you do?
  7. Your mate has just said that she is expecting your kits. What do you do do? If you are a she-cat or medicine cat, select 'Skip'
  8. Some senior warriors tell you that you have a bad temper. What do you do?
  9. Your eye color is?
  10. No effect. Are you ready for your result?

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Quiz topic: Find Out my Warrior Cat Name, Pelt Color, And Clan 2