What a warrior!

Okies so, there are 3 clans. Pineclan, Lightningclan, and Dawnclan. (I made all of these up) Your in Pineclan, and a new warrior. Your pelt is a reddish oaky color, and your eyes are a really pretty amber.

Many toms chase after you, but two of them are secret. One is your best friend! And the other, well, you'll just have to figure that out by taking my quizzes. ;3

Created by: Birdsong234
  1. Ok so to start off, your a she-cat called Robinsong. You have a reddish oaky pelt, and beautiful amber eyes. Your clan is called Pineclan. Your very pretty and have toms chasing after you, which you will learn about later in the quiz (or series :) )
  2. "Robinsong! Robinsong! Wake up you lazy bones!" your best friend, Hawkclaw, mewed into your ear as you opened your amber eyes. Purring, you swiped at his ear. His eyes glowed happily as he tugged you out of your nest, and outside the den. A bright greenleaf sun greeted you as you and Hawkclaw padded out to go hunting. Dustfur and his apprentice Stormpaw bounded up to you before you reached the entrance. "Mind if we join you Robinsong?" Dustfur asked, flicking his tail at Stormpaw. You glanced at Hawkclaw, he looked jealous, but the look was so quick you couldn't be sure. You just shrugged, and nodded to them. "Of course." you said. Hawkclaw started out, his pelt accidentally brushing yours. You felt a tingle of excitement but burned it out quickly. You couldn't being falling in love with your best friend! Or could you?
  3. You all headed to rabbit fields, (on account that you were the fastest of the 3 clans.) *Fast forward a bit* You all tugged your piece of prey back to camp. Stormpaw got 4 mice, Dustfur got lucky, and got a plump squirrel, Hawkclaw got a young rabbit, and you got a rabbit and a sparrow. As you entered camp, someone bowled you over!
  4. You hissed and looked around to see what knocked you down. It was Barkstripe, and he looked frantic. "Have any of you seen Tumblekit?!" he asked. (He lost his mate and his other kit to the death trail, which is the thunderpath, so he's very protective of Tumblekit.) "No, we've been hunting. Why?" asked Hawkclaw. "Dawnclan reported another fox sighting near the border and I havn't seen Tumblekit since you guys left to hunt." You gasped, and racked your brain for any thoughts of Tumblekit, and then a thought popped into your mind! "I saw a small clump of her fur stuck on the entrance tree, I think she may have followed us." Barkstripe nodded at you, than ran off to find Goldenstar. You dropped of your prey on the fresh kill pile, and looked for your father, Shellheart. He was sharing tongues with your mother, Fernspeckle. "Father, can I speak with you?" you ask. He nods, and leads you to the flower bush. A spot where cats could be alone.
  5. Shellheart sat down and wrapped his tail around his paws. "So whats up?" he asked. You shuffled your paws. "I think a cat might like me an-" he cut you off. "Sweetie, you don't even know how many toms are going to chase after you in your life." he said. "Yeah but dad, I think the cat might be Hawkclaw." you mew quietly. Your father just stares at you. "Hawkclaw? But he's your best friend! I don't think he'd want to ruin a relationship for THAT." he says. "It's just a thought." you say, padding away from the bush.
  6. ***Hawkclaw's thoughts*** "Should I tell her? Does she even like me that way? What will happen!? Oh rabbit dung, here she comes! Just act normal..." ***Back to you*** You pad up to Hawkclaw and lay down next to him. He seems awkward, and you don't know why. You shrug it away yet again and say, "Did you hear that Fawnpatch is going to be having Flickerleap's kits any day now?" The awkwardness fades and he nods eagerly. A bit too eagerly... "Do you think that we could become their mentors?! That would be really exciting! We could partner up and train together!" You butted him with your head. "Slow down there, they aren't even in this world yet." you purr. He flicks you with his tail and before you know it, your chasing him down to the creek.
  7. You beat him, but only because of your incredible speed. You and Hawkclaw lay panting on the shore. "I think that was a new record." he wheezed. You purred but cut off short as you smelled something. Lightningclan! (enemy clan) You suddenly lost your tired muscles, and replaced them with adrenaline and fear rushing through your veins. You bolted up, along with Hawkclaw. You flicked your tail and followed the scent, Hawkclaw right behind you. You followed it to Suntree (yellowish tree with always golden leaves) and the scent got stronger. You crept up the Suntree and looked down. Lightningclan had moved their border into your territory! You looked down at Hawkclaw and did a motion with your ears that only you and him knew. It was the sign to get a battle patrol!
  8. Hawkclaw bolted towards the camp. Just then you heard noises coming fromthe bushes on what the old border of Lightningclan was. A battle patrol and Copperstar (leader of Lightningclan) stepped into the open, sitting down. Waiting. You narrowed your eyes, and jumped to lowest branch. Apparently, they were to intent on looking for your fellow cats, they didn't hear or see you. With your powerful slender legs you leaped from the branch to standing in front of them. Startled, they shuffled back a step. *Cowards* you thought. "Excuse me, but you are on Pineclan territory." you say, completely innocent. Copperstar eyed you like you were a piece of fresh kill. "Weren't you that cat that found the catmint?" he said. His voice was rusty from old age. (don't worry not that old. He's not stupid to go into battle if he's an elder. Silly. :3) You nodded, surprised that out of all cats HE would remember. He narrowed his eyes and said, "This is our territory now. Leave and we shall keep the peace." Just then you heard a very faint noise coming behind you. Licking your paw and brushing you ear as if nothing was happening, you said, "I think that you would be lucky if you left without a scratch or two, Copperstar." you say, gesturing with your tail to the cats emerging from the trees.
  9. Copperstars ears pinned back as Goldenstar padded up next to you. She nodded to you. "Thank you Robinsong. You may join the others." she said. Dipping your head to her, you turned around, lets just say "accidentally" flicking Copperstars nose with your tail. >:D. He growled at you. You stood next to Needlewave (tom that secretly has a crush on you) and Hawkclaw. "Goldenstar, we will take the land we need. And you can't stop us." Copperstar growled. Goldenstar sighed. "Copperstar, you know your outnumbered. You don't want to put your warriors in danger, because WE WILL defend what is ours. Give up and go home." Goldenstar said. "YOU give up Goldenstar! Lightningclan, attack!" he yowled. You saw them hesitate, but they surged forward. "Pineclan, defend what is yours!" Goldenstar yowled. You bolted from ready stance to meet the oncoming cats. The first cat you met was a she-cat, maybe a few moons older than you. *This is Bluefrost!* (Lightnigclans deputy) Bluefrost was known for being an expert at bringing down cats in mere seconds. Before she could clamp down on your shoulder, you ducked and rolled under her, swiping out her feet. Whipping around you leaped onto her back and clawed out a few clumps of fur until she screeched at you to stop. You easily leapt off of her, but she didn't flee, instead, she turned and lunged at your throat.
  10. But just then Needlewave barrels into Bluefrosts side! They tumble together, screeching, clawing, until he landed on top of her. He clawed both of her ears fiercely, then jumped off. She leaped up, but then when she saw the both of you facing her, she fled back into Lightningclan territory. You saw Hawkclaw fighting another tom, and Needlewave was helping Stormpaw fight off identical chocolate brown toms. You felt a thump in your side, and turned to see an about 8 moon old apprentice trying to bowl you over, but she was to tiny. You sheathed your claws and swatted her away. "Go fight someone your own size." you meowed gently. The apprentice gazed up at you, relief in her eyes. She bolted off. A tom was pounding towards you, and you unsheathed your claws again. This wasn't just a charge, it was a maddened rush! You had no idea what was wrong with him, you just quickly stepped back and raked your claws along his side. He yowled with fury, and came at you again, this time at a slower pace. You circled each other, and you made the first move. Leaping at him, you intended to land on his back, but you felt his teeth sink into your back left leg. Yowling with pain as he dragged you backwards, you desperately tried to claw him anywhere to make him let go. You suddenly felt an intense pain in your neck and all faded to black...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! BWAHAHHAHAHA! sorry. Don't you just love warrior cats? Nighty night.

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