Is Your Warrior Cat OC A Mary Sue?

This is a Mary Sue quiz for Warrior Cat OC's! I've seen many cringe-worthy OC's, so, this will hopefully fix at least some of those OC's that are flamed!

Warrior Cats is a popular book series in which 4 Clans of cats fight each other for territory. There are currently 3 Arcs, as well as Super-Editions and guides!

Created by: PauzeTheSnowyCat
  1. Does your OC's name have one of the following:
  2. What is your OC's rank?
  3. Sum up your OC's backstory.
  4. What do they look like?
  5. Are they one of the following:
  6. Are they involved in any prophecies, or omens?
  7. How many love interest, or mates, have they had?
  8. (RP Time!) You are mentoring your apprentice in battle training, and they are doing horribly. You:
  9. Did you like the quiz? (Doesn't effect score)
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Is my Warrior Cat OC A Mary Sue?