Is The Video Cringe Worthy Enough?

Have you ever made a cringe compilation video, but found in the comment section that your viewers were getting bored by the start? We'll take this quiz! We'll give you a guide on whether or not to put the video into your compilation!

We will also keep in mind that different people find different things cringe-worthy, so we kept it vague but not too vague. Hopefully you'll use this often!

Created by: TheCringePolice
  1. How many people are in the video?
  2. Is there somethin (appearance wise) about the person that you particularly don't like?
  3. Why is it that you dislike this about them?
  4. Is there anything personality wise that you don't like about the person/people
  5. What are they talking about in the video
  6. Why do you find this cringe-worthy (just click other if they weren't talking about anything) ?
  7. What were they doing in the video?
  8. Why was this cringe-worthy to you?
  9. What is the mood of the video trying to be and how do you view it
  10. Pick one way to describe the person/people in the video:
  11. What is something that the person/people do in the video?
  12. How older is the person in the video?
  13. Are they mentally handicapped?
  14. Is it a possibility that it's a troll in the video?
  15. Do you use the word cringe lightly?

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