Video Game Quiz

This is just a quiz with basic video game trivia. I tried to touch on all different kinds of video games, and platforms, and not just mainly one subject.

Test your years, or months, or days, or hours, or minutes, or seconds of playing video games with this quiz. See how much you can remember, and how much it has rubbed off on you!

Created by: epianoman8
  1. What is the name of the pink ghost in pac-man?
  2. Donkey Kong, the first game of the Mario franchise was released in what year?
  3. The First zone of the first sonic game is called...
  4. Grand Theft Auto was originally called:
  5. "The cake is a lie!" Is a reference to which classic PC game series?
  6. The first video game ever to be released is
  7. What is the 1st pokemon in the pokedex?
  8. When was the very first Final Fantasy Game released?
  9. How many Call of Duty games are there(as of 2015)?
  10. What platform does Garry's Mod run on?

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