Which Bioshock game do you belong in

You should take this quiz for fun and play Bioshock if you've haven't and remember to like comment and take more quizzes on video games you enjoy and remember that death has no sting and fight for your own sake and live on comrad

This is a personal test on a video game to see what fits you best and how you would survive and adapt to your surroundings and people and improve your self in The Bioshock world

Created by: Batsintown77

  1. What weapon do you like most
  2. Which do you fear most
  3. Which enemy do you despise most
  4. Chose a Vigor or plasmid
  5. How would you die
  6. Chose a sidekick
  7. Chose a villain
  8. How do you get around
  9. Choose an baddie
  10. You're outnumbered what do you do
  11. Wher do you hang out

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Quiz topic: Which Bioshock game do I belong in