Which Video Game Villain Are You?

Ahhh...video game villains! What game is complete without a powerful enemy to fight at the end? Those guys fight for a motive...but that motive is evil, so your mission in games is to stop it!

But let's go on the side of the villains in this test...which villain are you? Take this simple, fun quiz and, within minutes, you'll see which video game villain you are!

Created by: someguy3657
  1. A word that best describes you is:
  2. Your enemy is:
  3. What about your minions?
  4. Your minions failed at stopping your enemy. Most of them got beaten up pretty badly...
  5. You need to move around once in a while. Which of these would be your mode of transportation?
  6. You also need a place to hatch your brilliant plans. Where do you live?
  7. Peoples would think your worst quality is:
  8. Who ever heard of a plan without a motive! So what's yours?
  9. Ever fought on the same side as your enemy?
  10. Your nemesis is approaching! What do you do?
  11. He's coming closer! What do you do?
  12. Which of the following sentences would you say to your enemy?
  13. Time to fight! You start the fight by:
  14. Your weapon of choice?
  15. Some of your minions want to help you stop your enemy.
  16. So you lost the battle. While your preparing your next plan, you:

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Quiz topic: Which Video Game Villain am I?