How Well Do You Know Video Games?

How well do you know the video game world? From consoles to characters its all here. Test your video game knowledge. Have you spent years of playing different consoles and games? Plopped thousands of quarters into arcade machines. Stayed up late too many nights trying to save the world?

Do you know the difference between Mario and Pacman? Nintendo and Sony? Microsoft and Sega? From Atari to PS3 its all in this quiz. Find out if your hardcore or just an average gamer. Or maybe you don't know the first thing about games. Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Leroy
  1. In Ms. Pacman what is the name of the red ghost?
  2. Which of the following Atari games was virtually unplayable?
  3. Which of the following is NOT a Street fighter 2 character?
  4. Which is NOT a real video game magazine?
  5. Which is the highest rated game of all time?
  6. Which is the correct order of these consoles release?
  7. Sega's last console was..
  8. An RPG is...
  9. When a NES game would not work most people would...
  10. Virtually no one you knew had a NEO GEO because...
  11. The Power Glove was..
  12. This company created what is considered one of the greatest First Person Shooters of all time.. Halo.
  13. Kratos and The Master Chief have this in common.
  14. After beating an opponent in Mortal Kombat, you would hear..
  15. Sony's PSP has sold more units than Nintendos DS.
  16. This game was blamed for poor box office sales at the movies following its release.
  17. The Madden curse is...
  18. Bill Gates was once quoted as saying.."If I had it to do over again I would have never entered into the console market."
  19. Zelda is..
  20. The First Person Shooter genre is over crowded with...
  21. Kingdom Hearts is unique because..
  22. A Fanboy is..
  23. The Grand Theft Auto code that caused much controversy was called..
  24. Which game came first?
  25. There are plenty of Movie-based games that are just Awesome!
  26. The infamous Contra code for 30 lives is..
  27. The Super Nintendo was a..
  28. Video Games are..

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Video Games?