Are you a n00b or are you pr0?

Are you a noob? Have you ever wondered if your friends are noobs? If you play video games and think you are pro well step up and take this quiz! Theres not so many questions so be sure to get them all right and not suck like you do in video games... noob...

If you fail you should not live any more. You'd just infest the servers and lobbies of games here and games to come. Please, if you see me online dont send me a pm or an invite or anything. Because your most likely going to get pwnd.

Created by: CR4CK

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you use the combo with the Plasma Pistol, and another gun?
  2. Do you have Uber Micro?
  3. Do you use shotguns?
  4. Do you use Auto Snipers? EX: PSG1
  5. Do you use 3 Dozer Build?
  6. Do you call everyone noobs weather you know them or not?
  7. Do you play CSS?
  8. Do you use cheats/hacks/mods in games online?
  9. Do you play Hello Kitty Island Adventure?
  10. How do you pronounce "pwnd"?
  11. Do you watch Pure Pwnage?
  12. Do you play MMORPGs?
  13. Do you play Runescape?
  14. Do you have a really high pitch voice and say everyone sucks?
  15. Do you join clans like KOG, that have like... 7 million branches? Now be honest!
  16. Finnaly... Do you belive that Chuck Norris can punch the inside of your face?

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Quiz topic: Am I a n00b or am I pr0?