Are You good at Video Games!?

Many people around the world play video games. There are the Kings and the Noobs. The Champs and the Chumps. Many people don't really know where they stand.

Do you think you are goodat video games? Do your friends think you are good at them? Are you not sure? Take this amazing quiz to see if you have the Ultimate Gaming Prowes!

Created by: jks100
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which game would you rather play?
  2. Do you have online connection?
  3. Which style game would you rather play?
  4. Which game system do you prefer?
  5. In fighting games, which style of fighting would you use?
  6. How long do you spend playing video games per day?
  7. Would you tell people you are really good at video games?
  8. Do you have any friends that like video games as much, if not more, than you.
  9. In an arcade-style game, would you play as a fast character, or a strong character.
  10. Do you have any siblings that are good at video games?

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Quiz topic: Am I good at Video Games!?