Ultimate Video Game Quiz

Are you one of those gamers who knows what they are playing?After all you just glanced at this quiz.Try this quiz now and see how well you are at these things we call "Video Games."

Well video games are awesome but some people who play 2 games think they are a gamer.Are you one of those people?Anyway take the quiz now it's free and you get to see the reasaults right away!

Created by: Jacob

  1. The console war has three consoles (not including handhelds)what are those consoles?
  2. Max Payne was a very strong title who made it?
  3. Mario is a great platformer who is his brother?
  4. Does the wii get bashed by players and critics?
  5. "It's a me a-"
  6. What is the final sword called in zelda?
  7. What is the gun with a chainsaw on it called in Gears of War?
  8. Does Master Cheif die in Halo 3?
  9. What street is Carl Johnson from in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?
  10. In Super Smash Bros Brawl what charcter do you fight at the end of the subspace story?
  11. How many video games do you have?
  12. What are the unknown game ratings?
  13. Did the DS have a strong month in March?

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