Video Game Pop Quiz

Do you enjoy video games? How well do you know the famous characters and the challenges that they've faced throughout the years? Test out your knowledge in the following quiz.

The quiz includes questions about the famous plumber in the red overalls, the young elf who saved a princess, alien fighting heroes, and martial arts masters of the world.

Created by: Shelley

  1. Mario first appeared in the arcade game, Donkey Kong. What was his character's name?
  2. Samus Aran's Power Suit was created by a race called the:
  3. Which of these upgrades are not available for Samus Aran's Power Suit?
  4. Who is the arch enemy of the Star Fox team?
  5. In order to defeat Ganondorf and restore Hyrule to it's beautiful landscape in Ocarina of Time, Link must first collect the powers of the:
  6. In Street Fighter, which of these special fighting techniques was not used by Ryu?
  7. Which of the Mortal Kombat characters is a Chinese Shaolin fighting monk, whose love interest is Princess Kitana?
  8. In Mario 64, which of these power caps were not available in the game?
  9. What is the famous Konami code that provides 30 lives in the game Contra?
  10. Joanna Dark is a new recruit with the Carrington Institute who are aligned with the Maians, battling against the:

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