What Is Your Video Game Match?

Alright now who likes to play video games? You ever wonder which one your life actually matches up with? Why not take this quiz it only takes a couple of seconds.

Are you an amazing gamer? Are you obsessed? Which game fits you the best. You don't know? Or you think you know? Well lets see what you game really is and how it fits your personality. Is it for the right reasons?

Created by: amazon
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you were to go away on a trip where would you want to go?
  2. What is your favorite pastime?
  3. If there was a significant other you were attracted to, what would be your first move?
  4. So what if you had a choice to go out on a blind date, or stay home and play your game what would you do?
  5. Do you like controlling every aspect of your video game?
  6. If you were to be a part of a video game in real life what would be important to you?
  7. How long do you normally spend on your video games when you play?
  8. What's your clothing of choice?
  9. What is your favorite food?
  10. What is your favorite color on the list?
  11. What is your favorite setting?
  12. What word best describes you?
  13. Do you enjoy fantasy or real life?
  14. Do you like Scary movies such as movies like Saw?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Video Game Match?