what awesome video game are you

There are many great video games out in the world. But what is a video game? A video game is an electronic or computerized game played by using buttons or levers to move images around on a tv or computer screen.

But have you heard of inner video games. Everyone has one. Do you wanna know your inner video game. If you do, take this quiz and you can decide what you belong to.

Created by: Nick

  1. when was your first game?
  2. when does your game take place?
  3. what genre is your game?
  4. what is your game rated?
  5. has your game caused any controversies?
  6. who published your game?
  7. how many games do you have in the series? (meaning how many games make you up)
  8. Does your game have violence?
  9. what about blood and gore?
  10. is there any more sequels on the way?
  11. what system would it be for?

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Quiz topic: What awesome video game am I