The Ultimate GAME Test!

Those who know me know I love my video games, as do i love the heroes and heroines in them. but do you really know who's my favourite or what game is my favourite?

It's time to settle the dispute and take the test below so that you can stop asking yourself which game I love more. Put aside any prior knowledge and remember all we have done together.

Created by: Cody
  1. What is my favourite Video Game franchise?
  2. What is my favourite Video Game?
  3. Who is my favourite Video Game Hero or Heroine?
  4. Who is my least favourite Video Game Character?
  5. What is my least favourite game?
  6. Who are my favourite Tag Team Video game Heroes?
  7. What is my favourite Kingdom hearts 2 Keyblade?
  8. Who would I choose out of the following:
  9. What is my favourite quote from a video game?
  10. Who is my hottest video game chick?
  11. Who is my coolest video game hero?
  12. What is my second favourite video game?
  13. Who is my favourite character of the all time greats?

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