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This is a test that requires knowledge of games far beyond any test put before you. This test does not follow any pattern of any kind does not centre on any console or game genre so don't expect to know the second one because you got the first one correct.

It requires knowledge of the game itself its backround and history may only be a few but this will seperate the pros from the n00bs. Good luck and take your time no cheating mind because you only cheat yourself howver feel free to research the answers after to fill in your gaming knowledge.

Created by: Lee Ferris
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  1. What is the Title of the main theme for Final Fantasy VIII
  2. What are the two unlockable Weapons for a Sniper package on Battlefield 2
  3. In the game series Command & Conquor what is the best way to destroy armoured vehicles
  4. In the game Hercules for the PSX what was the only way to got the H on the first level?
  5. What is the main charecters name in Aludra 2?
  6. In the racing Simulation game Need for Speed 2 what is the track called in which you race around a circular track?
  7. What year was Pacman relesed?
  8. Who stood beside Master Chief at the begininng of Halo 2 to be awarded for there bravery in the previous titles?
  9. In the Tekken Storyline who is said to be the one who killed the legendary wrestler Armour King?
  10. In Fifa o6 how many places can you shoot to score a goal as in the actual net
  11. How many versions of flight simulator are there up to the point of this quiz's completion

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