Gaming Commission

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge on the procedures related to the job of Gaming Commissioner. Please take the time to take this quiz seriously, it could be used on your next evaluation. Good luck and happy testing!!!

Do you have what it takes to be a Gaming Commissioner? Do you have the smarts to pass this test on rules and regulations and policies and procedures? But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: James

  1. Who is the Director of Compliance and Regulations?
  2. What does "CRC" stand for?
  3. How many Casinos does the Seminole Tribe have?
  4. What defines Class III Gaming?
  5. Which report number is used for an audit?
  6. Who is to be emailed when software is received from shipping/receiving?
  7. How often must the Title 31 test be taken per year?
  8. What device is used to verify an Eeprom?
  9. What device is used to program a SIMM?
  10. Who is the Commission Officer Manager?
  11. Which device is used to verify a IGT AVP machine?
  12. You do not need to notify surveillance before performing a RAM clear.
  13. Which ink is acceptable for all Title 31 documents?
  14. Poker is a Class III game?
  15. Black Jack is a game played against other players?
  16. Card counting is against the law?
  17. You should notify surveillance when confronting a customer about a Gaming situation?
  18. Gaming is allowed to RAM clear a W.A.P. machine?
  19. Who is the first person you notify when you witness a violation on the floor?
  20. Who is the N.I.G.C.?

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