What Next-Gen (2008) System Is Right For You?

It's 2008 and you're trying to choose the right gaming console! This may not be 100% accurate in what console is best for you. But it does show the type of console that is right for you even if you are against the one you got. But if you got the right one that obviously it was an accurate test lol.

Even if you have great like or dislike for the gaming company, you should at least respect their way in creating competition and changing the gaming industry. And it did create a lot of jobs for people too, so let's not forget about that. They also brought many independent developers into the gaming world that you would've never seen had it not been for nintendo, xbox or sony in particular.

Created by: mrduckbar
  1. My favourite video game genre is...
  2. What kinds of games do you prefer?
  3. Does graphics matter to you?
  4. Do you care about rumble? or is motion sensor where it's at?
  5. Is Zelda, Mario, Metroid a system seller to you?
  6. Is Halo, Gears of War, Forza Motorsport a system seller to you?
  7. Is Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet and Clank a system seller to you?
  8. In your opinion, do you want to own a "Wii"?
  9. In your opinion, do you want to own a "360'?
  10. In your opinion, do you want to own a "PS3"?
  11. Do you want any of the big 3 to leave the gaming console race?
  12. What in your opinion, hardware based only, was the best system in the last generation, that should've had most of the third-party support?
  13. In your opinion, had all 3 consoles came out at the same time in the last console race, who would you have liked to see win that one?

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