The Digestive System

Isn't it amazing how our bodies function? The digestive system is one example of that. The Digestive system helps to digest the food that we eat into nutrients that are essential for our body in order to live and maintain enery.

Do you know the process of the digestive system? Test yourself out! After reading the chapter you should be and expert at exactly how our body digest our food into nutrients,and all the organs and digestive enzymes involved...or are you? See for youself!

Created by: Mariah
  1. The process in which food is broken down into nutrients is known as...
  2. The salivary glands produce what digestive enzyme?
  3. Your ________ shapes food into a ball called a bolus.
  4. The bolus travels down your _____ a tube that leads to your stomach.
  5. Your stomach contains what two digestive enzymes?
  6. What are the three parts of the small intestine, in order?
  7. Bile is made in the _____ and stored in the gallladder.
  8. What is the process in which fats are broken down into tiny drops?
  9. After what process have all your nutrients been sent through the body?
  10. The feces are stored in the ____ and released through the ____.

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