The Ultimate Gamers Quiz

Take the test of the best.See who is master and who is weak, this is the ultimate gaming quiz for ultimate gamers.Can you handle the question of gaming glory?Do you have the guts to get a 100?take the test and find out!!!

Are you a gaming master? do you think you can achieve the title? Do you have gaming knowledge? Do you know your sonic's from your mario's? take the test and find out.......

Created by: silver

  1. What is the name of the new sonic the hedgehog game coming out soon?
  2. What is the real name of the main character in metroid prime?
  3. in super smash brothers brawl, what is the name of the character that weilds palutena's bow?
  4. What is ganondorfs final smash in brawl?
  5. In Bully Scholarship edition, what is the name of the level where you have to go to the carnival to help out the nerds?
  6. in mario party 8, what is the name of bowser level.
  7. In starfox assault, what is the name of the ship that wolfs team ride?
  8. in legend of zelda: wind waker, what effect does Grandma's soup have on you?
  9. what is the name of the sword tutor in legend of zelda wind waker?
  10. In mario and sonic at the olympics, what is the name of the event that lets you jump off a ship thats 10,00 metres in the air?

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