Probable Job/role you'll choose in an RPG game

There are many gamers who has a preference when it comes to battle strategies in RPG games. This would most likely say what Job you would be great at depending on your battle strategy.

Are you having doubts when picking a role? If you do, just choose what your heart decides but this quiz can help you choose a role more easier so what are you waiting for? Start this quiz now!

Created by: Lio the Kitty Prince
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which weapon do you prefer? (This is pretty obvious, don't cha think?)
  2. What do you prefer to wear?
  3. Animal of preference everyone?
  4. Favorite Color? (Group)
  5. Hobby?
  6. How do you like this quiz so far?
  7. What do you mostly read?
  8. Your friend is dying because he was attacked by enemies. What would you do?
  9. What is your preference of combat strategy?
  10. Last thing, just pick a random choice.

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