Smite - What Role Should You Play?

Hello! Thanks for giving my quiz a shot! This quiz will determine what class is best suited for your playstyle, and even gives you a few examples of gods to try!

One more thing! You guys better be happy, because this is a quiz where I avoided asking questions like "Do you like ganking as a jungler or laning like an adc?" Quizzes that ask you questions about your role never really help. However, I did include a "role preference" question if you have any sort of preference at all. But, there's a choice that doesn't affect any stats so it's optional!

Created by: Awilix1Trick
  1. To start off, Do you prefer staying in lane or roaming?
  2. Do you have good map awareness? (Constantly checking map, good with timing)
  3. Do you prefer Burst, or consistent damage?
  4. Your role in a teamfight would be...
  5. As a player, early-mid game do you find yourself:
  6. Do you want to get a buff?
  7. When would you start getting objectives?
  8. Do you like to ward a lot?
  9. Do you enjoy ganking? (Not necessarily always having to be doing damage)
  10. Obvious question here, Do you like getting constant assistance from other players?
  11. Role preference? (This will be balanced out to suit your playstyle anyways, just something to boost points.)
  12. What class do you like playing? (Once again, this will be fixed to suit your playstyle anyways. Plus, multiple classes can be used in different roles.)
  13. Final question, Do you like being able to preform better...

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Quiz topic: Smite - What Role should I Play?