What League Of Legends Role Should You Play?

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Hi, for the LOL community I am known as Kish Hellfire from the EUW Servers. I am no Diamond or Challenger player but I ahve been in LOL long enough to be able to determine what role you are best suited for, so without further delay, take the quiz :D

Many times I have noticed that most players do not know what roles they are good at and technically in ranked matches you need to be pretty decent at everything however, there should be a particular lane or role that you should excel at and know that "yes this is what I am best at", hopefully this quiz will help you determine this

Created by: Kish
  1. Of the following options, what "THRILLS" you the most?
  2. Imagine you are being chased by the most deadliest of killers. What is your ideal way of escaping?
  3. If you are stuck in a jungle and have no idea where to go, whilst trapped in as enemies close in on you what is your next likely choice?
  4. Which ONE of these attributes would you rather have?
  5. If you lived back in the middle ages, which ONE of these roles would you prefer the most...
  6. League Of Legends consists of the following.. "TOP LANE" "MID LANE" "BOTTOM LANE" and "JUNGLE"... Assuming you have the basic knowledge of LOL, which lanes would you prefer to play?
  7. Which ONE of these attributes do you think you excel the most at?
  8. Thank you for taking the time to take this quiz. I don't guarantee that this will be accurate, however I do hope that it has helped you determine your preferred or even best role

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Quiz topic: What League Of Legends Role should I Play?