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  • Hey yall
    "I killed the real kish Kish decided to give us his mod account, so now I (bread) will be using it. RainInTheShadows will be Seth agai..."
  • "Abs are for you bro not for them girls xD"
  • "English, Shona and French"
  • "2 favorite series I grew up reading I will never forget: R.L Stine's Goosebumps K Applegate's Animorphs"
  • "Man 8 years and you come in guns blazing xD"
  • "You could just have weak knees I used to have pain in my knees after exercising but with time it got better until it never pains anymore"
  • Kish.
    "I haven't even been here how do I abuse powers? Honestly after all these years I would have expected at least a fraction of some grey "
  • Kish.
    "They don't like it that I am a mod so they try everything they can to remove that title. From blaming me for things that go wrong to t"
  • Kish.
    "I have never deleted a post in my life. Nice welcome though =)"
  • Kish.
    "I don't understand"
  • Kish.
  • Discussion
    "I think we could go on and on about whether God exists or not because this is a very broad subject. At the end of the day its only abo"
  • "Gtq Guy Delete Gtq Guy "
  • Discussion
    "Precisly my point. It can't spread on its own"
  • Discussion
    "@Chameleonleap You are right. While humans are an incredibly intelligent species I don't think God actually meant it that way. "

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