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  • "(Nope) Random guess... 17"
  • "(Close nice guess though) 19"
  • "Btw, I recovered from covid-19 but please do not think that it is not a threat. I go to the gym, have no known sicknesses and yet I wa"
  • "Economic collapse is a much larger threat than Covid-19 Take for example famine and hunger, they kill a lot of people yearly bu"
  • Month of gifts!
    "I agree with Mod The Coldest Sun Religious topics can be very personal and there will always be two sides to the argument."
  • Coding&programming
    "I am a part time web developer"
  • "16"
  • Great quizzes and Polls
    "Which country will you be referring to xD"
  • Whats Up Guys
    "Ohh haha Well good luck with that, thanks for the chat =)"
  • Whats Up Guys
    "Oh thats better xD So hows the new lockdown life holding up?"
  • Whats Up Guys
    "Ohh yeah. I always had this problem xD Its currently 3pm my time but its usually like 5am or so for others Damn time barr"
  • Whats Up Guys
    "Ohhh That can be annoying xD I am good just wanted to check back on this site I used to use a lot back in the day"
  • Whats Up Guys
    "Hi how are you?"
  • Whats Up Guys
    "Just got back from a month in hospital and I somehow remembered the password to my account after years xD"
  • Hi all
    "How we doing today =)"

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