Are You A Dream Daughter? (For Girls Only Ofcourse)

All parents wish to have a daughter of their dreams - who has all the qualities of being a perfect daughter. So are you one? Take this quiz and find out! Hopefully

So, this quiz isn't all that accurate, I just made it for your entertainment only, I hope you like it. Please be kind enough (and a dream quiz taker too) to rate and comment. Thanks

Created by: Kish
  1. How much do you love your parents?
  2. If you know that your parents are facing some problem, do you try to help them if possible?
  3. When you are away from your parents, do you maintain contact?
  4. Are you always aware of your parents' whereabouts?
  5. In case of any great news, whom do you inform first?
  6. Do you help your parents with household chores?
  7. Do you consult your parents for any problems you are facing?
  8. Do you ask your parents for advice before taking decisions?
  9. Do you respect your parents?
  10. Well, thats it, I hope you like the quiz, and remember this quiz isn't all that accurate, its just for fun

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Quiz topic: Am I A Dream Daughter? (For Girls Only Ofcourse)