Which Baxter Daughter Are You?

People relate to characters in stories. In fact, it's perfectly natural to find oneself replying to situations such as a character would. The Redemption Series by Karen Kingsbury contains characters that are relational and readers find themselves relating to certain characters.

Do you read Karen Kingsbury? Are you obsessed with the Baxter Family from the Redemption Series? Do you find yourself relating to Brooke, Kari, Ashley or Erin? Take the Baxter Daugther Quiz and find out which Daughter you are most like! Have fun! And remember, some of these situations occurr when the books occurr!

Created by: Brittany Davis
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  1. If your husband cheated on you with a college student, you would:
  2. On an afternoon off, you would:
  3. If your son fell off his bike, you would first:
  4. Which occupation would you want for your husband?
  5. If you found out you had another sibling that was given up for adoption, you would:
  6. If your sister was pregnant, you would:
  7. You would say your Love Language is:
  8. Your favorite department at Wal-Mart is:
  9. If your husband told you he was being relocated because of his job, you would:
  10. What activities would you enroll your children in?
  11. Which Casting Crowns songs describes you?
  12. If your brother completely turned his back on your family, you would:
  13. You would say your most inner attractive feature is:
  14. If a nurse told you your hospitalized boyfriend had a female visitor, implying he was cheating on you, you would:
  15. You would say your most attractive feature is:
  16. If your father was seeing someone about 1 year after your mother passed away, you would:
  17. Where would you like to travel:
  18. What was your favorite subject in elementary school?
  19. And the final question, what is your favorite book?

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