Which Character from King Lear are You?

King Lear, a play written by Shakespeare, is about a king who has a love test to see which of his three daughters loves him the most. Disappointed with the youngest daughterâ??s response, Lear sends his daughter, Cordelia, into banishment while the remaining daughters, Goneril and Reagan, are given reign over the entire country. Following the love test come a series of events, which, in the end, makes for a rather sad and depressing ending.

The characters in this play are very different and unique from one another. Their personalities tend to collide and create problems. Take this test and see which King Lear character YOU turn out to be!

Created by: Jennifer Gerlomes
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  1. You gain interest in the opposite sex...?
  2. If a close friend or relative were to betray me I would..?
  3. My goal in life is to..?
  4. The thing I like most about myself is...?
  5. My life would be easier if..?
  6. Which of the following would be the best suited job for me?
  7. My theme song should be..?
  8. My favorite sandwich is...?
  9. I hope I DON'T get..?
  10. This quiz was..?

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Quiz topic: Which Character from King Lear am I?